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I love that dream and from a scientific perspective, don’t underestimate the role of dream science and sleep in embedding the concepts.

The brain has been underestimated for so long. Even though certain scientists developed hypotheses in the early 1900s around neuroplasticity, mainstream scientists used to believe up until the 1960s that once the brain was fully developed, it was no longer malleable. A bunch of research has been done since and new developments are happening all the time to the present day.

Memory replay may show up in our dreams. Memories move from temporary storage in the hippocampus area in the brain that is thought to be important for short-term memory to permanent storage in other parts of the brain. This makes the memories easier to remember later. Memories improve with sleep because the memories are replayed during sleep. So, even if you don’t dream a cool dream like yours, the memory will still move from the hippocampus. From a psychological perspective, a dream like that is really good around ongoing motivation.

Sorry, Science nerd here.



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