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Hi there – Johnelwood !
Thanks’ for your story. It seems that we have about the same “problems”. A few days ago, I had a very nice moment when everything worked. I think Greg used to call it “a Coffee moment”. I managed to relax, and the high notes suddenly came out with not too big effort. But – the next day everything was closed again. It felt as if the instrument was clogged with some food left overs, and I begun to plan for a total cleaning….. When I try to think about all advices and how to do everything, it’s even more difficult to play. Apparently “men” can’t make two things at the same time…. (you might remember the American president Ford, walking in the staircase from an airplane and shewing gum – simultaneously. He fell…)
I will follow your strategy, to walk slowly from the low range and focus on a nice tone with relaxed lips and the air column all the way from the bottom. Hopefully the range will come.

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