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Guillaume M
Participant : thanks for ring spanner example ! Awesome !
I ‘ll check out if I have one 🙂

JUtta, as for Charlie’s videos, I first discovered them before greg’s ones.
Just as johnelwood I guess. To me, they are really great. In the end, I find that
Greg’s videos are more concise and in the end, as far as I was eager to watch charlie’s embouchure video first, then, to some extent, just a small critic, that was too much analysis which could lead to paralysis… And maybe Jutta, that’s why you are asking yourself some questions.
Greg’s video on embouchure are really shorter, more synthetic and one could just try as he says.
Then, on this embouchure thing… I do really think that we adults are thinking too much.
Maybe some don’t, but when you start at an age when you want to understand things too much… then it creates this embouchure “crisis”. Or maybe I am wrong. I don’t know. When things don’t work the way we want, we want to understand why. And sometimes the why is not the thing we think it is.
I tried to forget about the lips now… Just do the works on foundation… Maybe going very slowly could help that embouchure thing as well… Instead of willing to reach “high” notes too early, maybe we should go at a slow pace, always work out on the foundation to get stronger… And things should maybe get smoother……..
I am one over really frustrated guy, because some time ago I could get almost to high D (but that was pretty soon after I started the trumpet). THen one day I started to think on this damn embouchure. And I lost everything. And I have read and watched too much things on the web.
Then decided to sign up with Greg’s course as it seems clear, well explained and with enthusiasm. Video and sound is a lot of help. Working out solo on methods with no proper teacher along them is worthless I think.
Anyway… Long post.
Nice to exchange with you guys.

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