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Hi there, to continue on this thread. I do the mmmahhooo with the visualiser and I am completely relaxed. I then proceed with the mouthpiece and am totally relaxed but the mouthpiece (mp) completely sits on the red of the lips. I have fuller lips, and even more now since I do the mmmaaahooo. I even bought a Denis Wick 1X (18mm) so that I could fit more of my lips inside the mp. I have seen many good trumpet players and I don’t think I have ever seen anyone play the trumpet on the red of the lips (not even Greg). Sooo I decided to move up the mp so that at least the upper lip sits inside the mp. This seems logical since I technically do not block the upper lip anymore and is now “free” to vibrate. Unfortunately this means that what I do with the visualiser and the mp are very different things, unless I move the visualiser up so that my top lip is “inside”. My frustration is that I am not advancing. But to be honest, I moved the mp up because I was definitely not advancing when I was playing on the red of the lips.

Please help!

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