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Greg Spence

Hey there Rob, my advice is do the Foundation Level Daily and make sure the freedom and centre is there and work on the 1% Rule, then be selective as to what keys you want to touch on going through the Premium Level until you get to your range limit.

I suggest to mix it up so as to not get in a rut repeating all the same exercises every day.

Then spend a bit of your time at your range limit and do your PROCESS practise. This should only be a short amount of time daily with plenty of rest in-between attempts (remember to stay emotionally detached from the RESULTS).

Then throw caution to the wind and just play for a bit in your uncomfortable range. Some days it will ROCK and other days no notes will speak at all. THAT is the learning process so be cool with it.

So to summarise for a one hour session for example.

Foundation Level – prep, sound development, 1% rule etc 30 mins
Premium/Ultimate Level – Selected keys in “owned” range 20 mins
Premium/Ultimate Level – Experimentation with uncomfortable range 10 mins.

I hope that makes sense.

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