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I saw the original post and related a lot to it. I imagine everyone on this site does and Greg certainly does and has personally made it through to a successful resolution of the exact problem you’re facing.

I love the videos Larry has posted and he’s clearly a monster player. I found some of his videos helpful, but felt that the pencil exercise might be a risky diatraction–what it I did it wrong and caused more harm than good?

I’m not a pro, I dreamed of that in high school and early college but came to the realization I just didn’t have the skill and moved on 25 years ago.

I never, ever hit a high C. G above the staff was the top of my practical range. I do recall squeaking out a b natural a time or 2 in high school / college, but never touched a high C.

In early 2018, I began playing again and thanks to the “University of YouTube”, I have mastered the range through high C and even have D and E pretty well I’m control. I’m touching Double G but am avoiding focusing on range right now. I want to master the range I have than try to expand it further, for now.

My main problem, physically, was clamping down the middle of my top lip as I ascended and pivoting my head back and tucking my lower lip in–I recall a well respected teacher I studied from telling me to roll in my lower lip–oh well, no regrets. I’m happy.

I credit Greg / MTM / WindWorks with the bulk of my enlightenment in playing and helping me understand, for the first time, what many of the method books I used to practice a lot actually mean.

I’m no master and probably never will be; I don’t have a lot of the time to practice but I have made it to a point on this journey where I’m confident that I finally understand a lot more about playing than ever.

A lot of the journey for me when I was younger and even now, is mental.

I recognize in your post the frustration I have felt many times over many years.

The challenge is to let go of that frustration and any expectation of success or failure in trying the method as described and approach it with an open mind without any pre-conceived notions, except that less is more and focus on a resonant sound.

The mental letting go may be the hardest part; it certainly was for me and I suspect it was for many, many others.

I believe you can play a double C and I believe that takes more coordination of aperture corner tightness and air control and support than strength or natural talent.

I believe I can too, and that I will; in time. I don’t know when or frankly care. I have enjoyed this journey so far and am looking forward to wherever it takes me–even if it is no further than as far as I have come.

When I focus well, the ease and efficiency of playing, quality of sound and range I have experienced is like nothing I have ever experienced or thought possible.

The saying “Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t, you are right” comes to mind.

So much of this is mental, even spiritual, and both can help and can hurt our ability.

Keep the faith. You can do this. It’s not as hard as it seems. We just make it more difficult for ourselves.

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