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Beautiful, thanks Greg. God bless you and your mother.

Today is my daughter’s 10th birthday–amazing how time flies faster each year. Puts things in perspective.

Your video was very helpful to me and I’m sure will be helpful to many more.

I ran across focal dystonia and Phil Smith’s experience. I wonder if I experienced a sort of focal dystonia in a way, in a positive way; I wonder if focal dystonia can be experienced by us as a way of unlearning old, bad habits.

Been making it a point to play more music lately–I think that’s important. I have limited time so it’s tempting to just work through things quickly and move from warm up to flexibility to range, etc. and never play music. Seems I play better when at least a portion of my practice / playing is musical.

Thanks for your generosity.

I think you and the original poster and all who teach who go through this struggle are better teachers for it. The more you struggle, the better teacher you become.

I think those I took from were natural players who didn’t realize what I was going through.

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