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No worries, Greg! This show is now officially kicking my butt. After successful rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday, my playing has tanked for Monday and Tuesday. I’m not sure what changed. The rehearsals were longer, but I was still feeling it way earlier on within the rehearsal those two nights. The only other difference is that I did not other playing on Sat. And Sun. but on Mon. and Tue. I did play throughout the day in lessons. I suppose it’s not a good sign if my throat was sore after those later rehearsals – probably an indicator of choking off the throat. Last rehearsal tonight. Haven’t had a lot of time to work on WW concepts but got to get back to it and try this altered less-puckered set. That makes things more vague and mysterious to me, but I’ll fiddle with it. I do remember Dan Quigley saying to me that what helped him was actually not really trying to create an embouchure per se at all. That’s even more cryptic!

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