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John, I’m very curious as well. Please, once you get it and try it, let me know if you think it would be worthwhile to me. I’m willing to part with the cash if it gets me going in the right direction. Tom even says something like, even if it only gets you to feel what it’s like to move your corners in that way. I rewatched his video. He does mention that forward motion of the chops at about 1:30 in. This is part of the confusion I have. I guess I don’t know what that means. I’m thoroughly convinced that I squeeze the lips together as I ascend and want to change that. Still trying to figure out how.

Tom came out this way to perform at Texas Tech and I went down to hear him. Truly inspiring! Great person and player who went through his own chop mystery to mastery while in school.

Saturday night went much better and it was a great way to end the week. Took yesterday off and now back at it for symphony this week. Hoping to make it through in one piece.

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