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Yeah, John! Great analogy (I played with that thing too as a kid), and nice effortless ascent to high C and D! Thanks Simes and wildflower, I used to think there was a stigma of shame or embarrassment to share my struggles on the trumpet. The thought of “Well, I’m a professional, I shouldn’t have these problems, and everyone else sounds great so I must be the only one. People will think less of me,” and other junk like that. I finally decided that was bunk. Over the past several years I have reached out to many, many pros, professors, teachers, etc. A lot. I learned quite a few things, but maybe most importantly was that I am not alone. There are so many in the trumpet world who struggle on this blasted piece of plumbing. The other really cool thing was that just about everybody I approached was willing to try and help me, many of whom didn’t charge me a dime. The trumpet community gets a bad rap for having inflamed egos and whatnot, and sure there are some that do, but by and large we are a brotherhood and most will do whatever they can to help. Greg has gone above and beyond, however, with his numerous videos and selfless communications with me. I owe him so much.

Wildflower, a light went on reading your response. I think I’m finally ready to believe that if I continue to repeat the process, that is a huge step in the right direction. It might take a long time. Dan Quigley said it took him 4 years to figure it out, but he got frustrated and quit a few times. I’m not going to quit. I sat at my kitchen bar counter for 45 minutes just using the visualizer and good ole’ mmmaaaooohhh over and over. I suppose that progress will not be a “eureka” moment but a gradual change and that you don’t actually make a conscious decision to use these concepts.Next week I’ll have time to start in on the ground floor of the slurs and investigate my abdominal usage while playing. I know it’s there. Greg, a question: how do you know when it’s ok to start using that. You say that it becomes engaged when you add volume, well, I’ve got to do quite a bit of loud playing.

Update on this week: things are so far so good. Honestly, I’m playing much better than expected. I feel surprisingly calm. The success I’ve been having is helping increase my confidence as the week goes on. We are opening the season with Scriabin’s Poem of Ecstasy, which is essentially a trumpet concerto. If you haven’t heard it, check it out. Then you’ll have more of an appreciation of what I’m up against. We played it through about 5 times last night, and my chops held on for much longer than I ever expected. 2 and a half hours of doing that over and over is a longgggggg time for me. I’m thinking about how to do 1% (or more) less work when I play and that is probably helping. I could be delusional, but I also felt like maybe, just maybe, my corners were coming in more when I played instead of allowing my lips to get squashed by the mouthpiece. I’m encouraged. I may post a recording if all goes well in the performance.

Thank you all! Signing off for now.

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