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Interesting comments. I agree that Greg doesn’t mention either tongue position or air speed with regards to pitch change. He does mention air support during result driven exercises to maintain pitch volume. So what is air support ? Surely air support is maintaining the flow of air. Flow has speed and quantity. Shape controls pitch which Greg describes as everything above the neck so that will include the tongue. All the exercises I have done so far have concentrated on aperture control because I think this is to focus on a more open relaxed embouchure and get away from the pinched closed embouchure. Hence the importance of passive air exercises. Jason’s low C embouchure is very open just like Greg’s low C. Then as he ascends his aperture gets smaller. As I ascend by bringing my aperture corners IN, I get a smaller aperture too. Jason’s high register the lips are together BUT I don’t think they are pinched together because he mentions that he has a very small aperture with fast air and low quantity. On several of Greg videos he says he does not play over the whole register of the horn with an open aperture. I think when you get into the upper register the lips are together with a buzz but I have not got that far yet. My range is G on top of the staff but I am starting to get the notes up to high C to speak. I am committed to Windworks and will continue to work on it as I am getting results. Just wish that progress could be faster but don’t we all.

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