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Hi Reijer,

You may need to if you dont feel that the air is coming out straight through the visualiser and is blowimg the tissue up as much as without it (straight).

My teeth just so happen to meet in the middle; no over or under bite ( still have my wisdom teeth).

But I used to blow downward towards the ground and roll my bottom lip under; if I recall correctly, so did Greg. I believe that may be a common problem.

Even now, I occasionally catch myself with an incorrect aperture/embouchure (not as extreme as before) and have to adjust.

One thing I’ve been doing lately that helps me is to visualise the air column that comes up from the bottom of my lungs, through the aperture and into the leadpipe. I look down at the leadpipe as I play and imagine the part of my lips that form the aperture, the fleshy part that touches the air and interests with the air like the vocal chords.

Of course a couple guiding principles to our experimentation are:

1. Sound – How does it sound? Is it resonant? Does it seem as resonant as possible?

2. 1% Rule – Is it efficient as possible? Could we make minor adjustments which make it even more efficient and more resonant?

Also important to remember that less air moves through the instrument / is required the higher we ascend and overblowing (and pinching in the middle) is a common problem.

Hope that helps, FWIW.