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Welcome back, I think you received good advice to come back. It really does work, but it does require patience, focus and a complete surrender of expectations during your experimentation to what works for You.

Have you seen the Trumpet Chat videos Greg has posted?

In particular, Trumpet Chat 6 features a concept Greg talks about in which there are two buildings–one in which we’re living currently, and a new one that we’re building that is going to be state of the art, etc.

I believe the building bit starts at about 21:00 but the whole video is great. And the threads that he mentions in the video are great to review as well.

Bascially, the answer to your question is you continue your normal practice and separately practice the WindWorks concepts–including watching / listening to videos / thinking about the concepts away from the horn (i.e. in the car, etc.).

Most of the change is mental, I believe.

Another thing that helped me in the beginning was to write down the principles that scroll across the bottom of the main website page and put those on my practice stand until I had them memorized and would think about the extemperaneously as I was practicing, playing, walking around, etc.

Eventually, your two methods of playing converge into one improved method.

I am a comeback player as well and I don’t play in any groups or have any playing commitments, so I kind of dove in fully and switched my playing over fully–or tried to. Even then, it took several months to feel any sort of consistency and even then, there were setbacks. But it works. I’m still on the journey myself and have a way to go, but I’m playing higher and easier than I ever thought possible. I don’t play a long time, so I’m not sure about endurance. But I never feel tired really and I have access to the top of my range at the end of my practice sessions.

Hope that helps–good luck!

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