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You’re very welcome, clarnder; I sincerely hope it’s helpful.

I’ve posted this before on other threads, but I am a comeback player who owes a lot to the online community–especially WindWorks. Despite years of private lessons from reputable teachers and countless hours of practice through all the method books (i.e. Clarke, ARban’s, Schlossberg), I could never develop my range above around G above the staff and my endurance was poor.

The past year or so, I stumbled upon some videos on YouTube and WindWorks and had a major epiphany in how to change pitch; I could easily play from A on the staff to A above the staff, higher than my historical range limit.

Not soon after, I played my first ever High C. It wasn’t loud or strong, but I hit the pitch without a lot of struggle. From then on, I was inspired and have developed beyond what I ever thought possible. It hasn’t been a straight line of improvement, there have been setbacks; improvement is never linear. But I am very grateful to Greg and others in the online community and hope to return the favor and pay it forward. I would have a great sense of satisfaction if I helped someone else have the success i have had.

Very best of luck to you.

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