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Don’t panic.
Do you panic because you can’t yet play a screaming double C like Wayne Bergeron? Of course not! That would be silly. This is the same thing.
This leadpipe routine that Chase Sanborn is sharing is very advanced.

Rather than panic, ask yourself, what I can learn from it? What is my reaction to seeing someone do that? What is the sensation in the body (and face) when playing the pedal tone or the first slot?
Am I producing this tone with pure process? (See largo status)
What happens when I try for the G on the stave?

The problem with this routine is that the leadpipe has slots that very far apart so the step-by-step method and process of moving up a tone and seeking out where manipulation and tension start is greatly compromised.
In short, don’t panic, ever, in relation to trumpet. Just keep learning, experimenting, seek and destroy manipulation, tension and personal limits.
Watch Greg’s videos on his leadpipe routine. You are here in the WindWorks course so stick to it. I don’t mean never watch anyone else on trumpet on youtube, learn from everyone, but relate it back to windworks. How does this fit in to the course?
Hope these thoughts help you on your trumpet journey.

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