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This is crazy, I’ve read this thread several times over the last month or so. I was about to post something when I read Bill’s post, and was surprised at how similar his story was to mine.

For me, full time playing and teaching career, with years and years of lessons, books, clinics, methods, and systems, with virtually no increase in range or endurance. However,
I’m noticing some positive changes in these last few months.

I’m finally getting a grasp on the aah-oooh set up. I play waaaaay too tense and over breathe on everything, but I’m noticing it and slowly eliminating it. With my current set up, I can get through almost the whole program, but with lots of pressure, clamping, and tension (and pain!). Also there’s not much volume above a third leger line E above the staff since I curl my bottom lip under my top lip which starts around a top space G.

While doing the exercises, I frequently have my left hand on my stomach to ensure I’m playing completely passive. It’s made a huge difference in endurance and my mouth compression has increased a ton.

During my normal set up, I’ve been able to transfer more pressure to my bottom lip, which increases endurance e a lot. There’s still a long way to go to ever be able to play with any real volume up high, which is why I’m biking my “second building.”

I’m not sure if this question has been asked, but it seems like many have the same concern, just worded differently:

Will the “two buildings” magically merge one day? Or will I eventually switch over once my new building has enough repetitions and strength built up?

Thanks in advance, there’s been so much great info here.

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