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Adrian Hicks

I agree with Greg and Johnelwood,
Best to judge your progress on a monthly basis with trumpet, not weekly IMHO. Is your airstream going up and corners in as you ascend?

Hey Hixta, that is great advice, thanks.

I want to clarify as to not create confusion, that the “air going up” idea is, in my opinion based on my research, is more of a sensation that a reality.

This is discussed in detail in the “SPS Squeaky Pedals” video in the Ultimate Level.

Some high profile players (Bobby Shew, Roger Ingram) believe “air up” is higher range, others believe “air down” is higher range (Allan Vizzutti, Adam Rapa).

I prefer the IDEA of air up to stop that bottom lip from rolling backwards over the lower teeth. The idea of “forward and up” encourages the lower lip to stay forwards and as you said, engages the aperture corners to inhibit pinching the lips down.

Cheers, Greg

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