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Guillaume M

Hi SvV
On my side I was able to do a High C quite quick…. then all of a sudden it collapsed.
I started watching a lot of YT videos, lot of ideas, lot of different methods.. Lot of thinking. I don’t say I could play that note playing a song. Just doing it. Then nothing !
My thought is that I spent to much time overthinking and focusing on that stupide note.
The slower path is the way… It’s hard to understand. but my conclusion is without a doubt that everything should be done at a slower pace.
I also switched too much between different methods, and though there is a lot to learn for each one, maybe it’s better to stick to one at a time and don’t mix everything up with other ideas… In the end, if you mix up methods and it doesn’t work, you won’t know which method doesn’t work for you.
As for didgeridoo though, I guess it’s a good way to relax your chops. As just doing it like a horse would do… When you need to relax anyway, because of stiffness, maybe it’s because you play too tense or too long… or both of them.
Pick one method and stick with it for a good time a see if you get better… I bet Windworks will make you a better trumpet player.

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