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Greg Spence

Hey there Steve, thanks for this very important question.

CONSIDER THIS: When you play from a Low C to a Low D, do you ask yourself about what the face needs to do? I suspect not…

The same if you play from a Low D to a Low E, are you worried about what the face needs to do?

Firstly, you CAN move the tongue from aah – air – eeeh without changing anything in face, it is merely a tongue movement, it’s just that you are not used to recognising or experiencing the tongue movement independently; one of the most important factors in this entire course.

Secondly, what we are developing is a new sense of freedom of flow and a recognition of some of the mechanics that will be useful to know when you are expanding your current range; a sensation and a psychology.

What is troubling you is trying to do bigger leaps or higher notes and not knowing the SHAPE requirements. It is all explain here but it is a very intricate, Step-By-Step process that needs to be done slowly and mindfully. #eyesclosed.

When you are aware of the feeling of freedom on the low C and have a beautiful, rich sound, does it feel and sound the same, keeping the Body’s Concert Hall open and resonant when you ascent to the next note.

You need to carefully heading up note by note to find where the freedom starts to diminish and the body starts to choke off.

If you try to preserve pucker and stick the bottom lip out more and aim up to prevent bottom lip rolling in that’s more like saying ‘eeww’ like as in ‘eeww that’s gross’, or the French pronunciation of ‘tu’ Is that the way the embouchure should change? It makes a big difference and I don’t know what to do.

This is definitely closer to what you want but make sure the teeth do not come together. Have you watched the Rockin’ Range and Resonance video?


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