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SvV, with all due respect and with my sincerest wishes to your success, I call bullshit…

From 1978 to 2018, I too thought the highest I could play was, nor or less, G above the staff.

I thought perhaps it was due to some physical limitations specific to me, as I spent countless hours practicing Clarke, Arban, Schlossberg, etc. And I took from reputable teachers.

In 2018, after a little experimentation, I realized I was WRONG…

I played my first High C in 2018 and I am pretty sure I have played one every day since and have worked my way upwards. High D or E above High C is now perhaps the limit of my useful range and I hit High F regularly and Double G occasionally. Ive played as high as Double A, 1 1/2 steps below my ultimate goal of Double C, which I know is achievable.

I believe the same or more is true for you and Steve.

But it will take time, patience and persistence and structured experimentation.

IMHO, WindWorks is your best bet, but I encourage you to check out other sources which will more or less reinforce WindWorks.

Own Your playing, no one else will or can, and I believe eventually you will realize, as I did, that it’s much easier than I realized.

I relate to everything you posted above, but I’m pretty confident you are wrong, just as I was, Greg was, etc.

Godspeed and best of luck to you and Steve!

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