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Steve, FWIW, I didn’t take your post as negative or inappropriate.

Everyone on this site have felt the way you expressed, including Greg and I certainly have.

I think its helpful to share good news and bad, successes and failures, to make this forum as relevant as possible IMHO.

A break is good once in a while as is playing music.

I got myself into a little mental funk recently as well and took a few days off as I was busy. Played this morning, inclusing some music. Sounded and felt great, was very relaxed and not trying to manipulate–had no expectations and wound up surprisingly hitting my max range very resonantly, perhaps better than ever before.

Now, the key is for me not to get carried away and expect to go home and do it again right away… Its to remember the approach I took to get me there and focus on the music and sound first, before screwing around with range.

Good luck and I hope you find your balance between working on improving and enjoying playing music. I’m working on that myself.

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