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Nice! Glad if our posts helped you, that’s what the forum is for.

I have been thinking of this thread today as I was trying to play relaxed and using a consistent embouchure. I had good sensations using one setting for Pedal C, Low C and High C and minimal changes.

When playing a low C, rest and breath Middle C (staff), rest and breath then High C, I had the sensation of my lips naturally falling back against my teeth followed by another breath attack (“Huhhh”) and slightly different tongue arch, unnoticeable change in aperture and the middle C came out. I try to pay close attention to how much more difficult the middle C is than the low C and imagine that difference should be about the difference of mid C to High C is (not much) and firm up the corners only and lead/start with the air (“Huhhh”) and use the corners and air released (without a kick) as the foundation of the shape to release the air column through, then I modulate the aperture opening and air to maximize the tone quality / resonance.

The lips themselves should be relaxed so they can vibrate as freely as possible, etc.

Definitely had a feeling that my embouchure was pretty forward with my teeth open, corners firm but lips relaxed.

I know it’s different, but I relate it to whistling and pursing your lips and noticing how the pitch stops when you engage those muscles vs letting the stay relaxed and only engaging the corners.

Now I just need to do some more Wind Works exercises articulating different ways with Active and Passive air at different dynamics.

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