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Man, I think you just misunderstood what Greg taught, especially the firsts videos of the course. I’m a beginner, bought my trumpet less than 2 months ago, and WindWorks is doing a great service to me. In the beginning, I tried to learn through YouTube videos and had two private lessons with a teacher. It was not a great experience, all the videos and including the teacher were very vague about explaining proper breath, proper support, etc. What impressed me most was the lack of vagueness of Greg’s explanations. Second, WindWorks is about efficient playing, not a crash course to learn how to play the high register. And the lessons here are so great that they can be used for other instruments! I used Greg’s teachings with my harmonica playing and I improved a lot my tone. I used it with my piano practice, especially the distinction between PROCESS and RESULT, and it helped be great too.

As for the trumpet, I feel I can play the middle register from C to G with high efficiency now, as easy as I can talk, and day by day my endurance and my tone improve. And I don’t use all my practice time doing WW exercises, I bought a method book, Jazz Method for the Trumpet, and it came with a CD and has a lot of tunes in it. I’m doing WW in parallel with the book, so I’m playing music too! Today I learned ‘When the Saints Come Marching In’, it was very fun to play with the CD band.

My recommendation is: go back to the beginning, pay attention to what Greg says and lower your expectations.

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