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Hi Thomas,

I’m sure Greg will respond but I thought of the following link which may be helpful to you:

WindWorks Course Overview

It is an overview of the course and you can probably scan it for the most common concepts (Body Concert Hall “BCH”, MmmWWwwAaaaOooohh, Point of Difference, Coffee Moment, etc.).

In the beginning, it may seem a little daunting but in my opinion it helps in the long run when he uses that consistent vernacular throughout the course as one becomes familiar with / comfortable with those concepts then they sort of serve as anchors when he mentions them again further on in the course. At least that’s my opinion.

I hope that helps you on your journey.

I started mine just over 2 years ago and have found WindWorks to be a very helpful guide on my journey. Most recently, I feel like I have come into a whole new level of understanding about how to play / how the instrument works and it seems as though the concepts outlined here tie-in to many other concepts I have seen elsewhere. Playing can be remarkably easy and effortless if we do not fight the horn and try to blow through it, but instead cooperate with it and find the optimal balance of our Air and the Shape/formation of our lips–keeping the top lip relaxed (downstream players) with the only tension in the aperture corners (sides of mouthpiece) and perhaps bottom lip/chin/jaw.


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