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Hi All,

Great posts. Love the support! The support from everyone is worth the monthly ee in itself!
I just started the course as a fundamental member. I am also a beginner. I started about year ago or so.

I will say, I have some similar feelings playing step 1 of singing C.
I find I am asking myself, “should I know how to change the shape of my embouchure corners yet to change the pitch? Because I am pretty sure it has not been covered in the program. Has it already been taught in this course?”

Thus, as a learner, it is tough for someone to tell you –Try this exercise where you need to change the pitch even though I haven’t taught you how to change the pitch yet the way I want you to –.
I understand this will be thought more later. I also understand that it is just feeling it out and trying.

The challenge of online learning or distance learning or self-learning (youtube), is that when learners are asked to do things that are beyond their abilities without the presence and assurance of a mentor or teacher, they feel overwhelmed and confused.

I can tell that Greg has gone through great lengths to avoid this and reassure us to be patient and trust in the process and time. And, all his reassurance HAS BEEN SO COMFORTING AND HELPFUL TO ME. I still feel like the original person who posted, HOWEVER, I can hear Greg in my head telling me PROCESS NOT RESULT! 🙂 Gonna keep with it. Excited to see what I learn from Greg and all of you!

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