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Guillaume – I really appreciate the insight – perfectly on topic and makes a lot of sense. In fact I think you bring my subconscious thoughts to the fore – this new way of playing does feel better and ‘right’, and as such I’m very happy to take the slow road and take it one step at a time.

I guess my worries stem from difficulty in reconciling the emphasis on how ‘easy’ it should feel (back to Johnelwood’s “playing trumpet doesn’t require any more effort than casual conversation”), against how far from ‘easy’ it can feel – not in the sense of tensing/abdominal exertion (as I think these messages are intended) – but in the sense of actually being able to play and achieve results.

In other words – if it is so easy, and I get the concepts and am applying them, then why exactly do the results not follow in quick succession? What is it that i’m working on in the meantime, if not strength? And if not strength – then why would it take so long to develop?

I think the answers to all of these questions are in Greg’s videos, but getting that positive reassurance that the right track is being followed (however slow!) is just as important 🙂

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