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not sure I have got to where you are yet.

Ther is also a conundrum between; the free-flowing exercises at the start where we let the instrument set the detail of the pitch and we move the shape to go note to note
and the control of the pitch to enable note bends.
Any comments and advice would be much appreciated.

Playing on the leadpipe I get an indeterminate pitch as it doesn’t slot.
Have heard Greg playing good high notes on the leadpipe but they are presumably coming from a lip buzz that it setting the actual pitch, rather than responding to the pipe or trumpet.

If your good G on the leadpipe is not at the same frequency as the resonance of the instrument it could well be less easy to play. there is more tubing and more bends on the instrument so its not as free-flowing as the lead pipe. but most of the resistance is in the throat of the trumpet (about 1/8″ dia ) and of course in the small aperture between our lips which we try to keep open and un pinched.

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