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Thanks so much for posting this Colin, it has really helped me. Intellectually I understand Greg’s concept of the Body’s concert hall and I’ve always tried to do some lead pipe playing but something about watching Javier‘s video has really started to unlock things for me. It’s like for some reason I just lacked the physical intelligence to know what my tongue should be doing to create the correct shape. His approach that playing the low arpeggios on the lead pipe is not possible without the tongue arch learning where it needs to be just seem to do it for me. It’s not some thing I think you can control consciously; playing the lower Arpeggios now seems to teach my tongue where it should be. Everything feels so much more open now. It’s weird because Greg certainly teaches the same thing in his lead pipe lesson but I couldn’t even play the low notes on the lead pipe before. Some thing about watching Javier do it just worked for me; maybe it’s just because I’ve been trying to do this for months and it finally has sunk in. I’ve spent so much time thinking about aperture corners but none of it was working too well because I think my tongue arch was just set to high most of the time. Don’t know if any of this makes sense, but again thank you!

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