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I found that using the oooh kind of pooched my lips a little (my own unique description Im sure. When I just place the MP onto the lip as it was formed on oooh and not changing anything before release then more of the soft part (pinker – area that usually doesn’t show when lips pressed together) of my lip was inside the cup (not touching the cup of course). The sound instantly became fuller and as long as I used good air was absolutely clear. I usually do Clarke 2 for 2 – 15 minutes sessions doing different stuff with accents tongue slurs and Im usually a little tired after a good 15 minutes. I can now do 30 minutes and feel good with a tingle in the lip. I thought about why it made such a difference and realized I has quit trying to flex the are under the MP (no muscle in the vibrating part) and was actually feeling the corners. I sure haven’t developed great range in my 3 months here, but the sound and ease are getting noteworthy.

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