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Hi Greg,
A very important video and aimed directly at me I feel.

I want to point out to anyone who might still not have an easy high register something I’ve connected with recently as the criticality passed me by the first time “around”: i.e. the importance of getting the tissue test correct and especially with the visualiser.
I’m now beginning to understand how important getting the breath focus is with the mouthpiece (and hence with the visualiser). I think I wasn’t getting the correct aperture corner tension which I think let the air become unfocused when the mouthpiece was positioned. Now that I’m getting the breath focus and can get a good tissue test with and without the visualiser I’m finding the ease of getting to the high C is so much greater; the effort feel is now very very close to the low C effort. So my effort reduction is nearer 90% than the target 1%.

I’m still working on getting a 100% passive breath and have worked on this from day 1, but whilst I quickly understood the aperture corners part in the process I hadn’t directed enough attention to getting the focus.

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