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Greg Spence

Hey Rod, good point, I might get my dudes to put something on the dashboard. People usually email or make payment and we then discuss a suitable time but it seems the forum is a good way too 🙂

You have made excellent progress. What you are saying is no small achievement, especially if you have been playing for a while. I have had serious pros cut out at Step 1 of the Singing C Series on the E harmonic. It is a massive feat of reprogramming and congrats on embracing the #POD Point of Difference.

What you will notice is your efficiency will actually increase quite dramatically so you will be playing for a lot longer. I might to a podcast about my 5 gig day starting with a 3 hour outdoor roving gig followed by an early afternoon 2 1/2 hour Big Band Gig (playing Paul Anka “Rock Swings” charts) then another 2 hour outdoor roving gig followed by 2 Sets of Funk/Soul 8-10pm with a band called “Big and Horny” then 10:30pm till 1am 3 sets of Latin (Irakere etc) at a club called the Night Cat.

It wasn’t until I finished the 3rd set of the Latin gig that I realised how much intense playing I had done over 15 hours and that I could have kept playing.

My accuracy and consistency was also very much improved but it can often be hard to spot these differences. Range opened up after that.

You are being very patient! I bet you have some secret goals “I just want to be able to play ??? note!” Let me tell you, the lines and desires keep changing so my best advice is – don’t think about it. Simply observe where you are at and notice/accept good days and bad days and little improvements without getting too annoyed/excited and calmly keep developing and simply enjoying playing music with the chops you have today. You are working on it so it will get better…easy!