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Greg Spence

Hey guys. I too have an overbite. Without seeing exactly what is going on it is difficult to say.

In order to get vertical alignment at the aperture, I had to bring the jaw forward SLIGHTLY (No TMJ issues when done correctly!). Did it feel weird? Yes! Did it take time to get used to? Yes! Did it sound good at the start? NO WAY!

Don’t be afraid of the difference in sensation, that is the key to fast and effective learning. (See ITG Presentation Part 1 for more on this with Andrew Huberman).

I am yet to meet anyone, no matter how extreme the overbite, who cannot replicate what I am demonstrating.

As you play, there may be changes in angle and this is where the SENSATION DEVELOPMENT comes into play.

REMEMBER: We are creating a new understanding and new feelings – a new psychology and new sensations. When you begin playing, do you experience the same freedom or do you begin to lock up with back pressure?

I’ll do a further video on this important topic.


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