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      I have been doing the C# & D (no 2) Harmonic Slur exercises and keep catching the harmonic in-between the F# & C# and G & D. It sounds like a grace note a I slur up. I know it’s to do with setting and I try not to compensate by giving it a kick. Any suggestions about what I can do to overcome this?


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      Greg Spence

      Hey there Scott, sorry for the delayed response. It’s just a matter of getting from one SHAPE to another instantaneously. Repetition will sort it out.

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      Thanks for getting back to be Greg. They seem to be getting better, but occasionally I still get the ‘grace note’ harmonic in between.

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      Rob Bennsky

      I’ve always struggled with speed with getting harmonic slurs. I can’t seem to get them to go very fast, especially in the upper range when the harmonics get closer. I understand that there are and have been professionals that have/had this problem (thus the Doc hand/finger trumpet shake). Is there a certain speed on the metronome I should strive for before moving on to a new level or just do them as fast as I can?

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