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      Hi there Trumpet Players,
      I play trumpet since my 9 th year. Did go to Music School in the Netherlands and got al degrees for trumpet playing. I am not a professional trumpet player, but do this for fun at a medium Level.
      I struggled with my embouchure when i played live gigs (2-3 hours). When i met Greg and entered the Mystery To MAster Course is realised that my trumpet teachers never teached me about mindset, feeling the tension, eyes closed etc. I had lessons with many professional trumpet teachers, but never the item about Mindset/feeling was mentioned.
      Entering the course from Windworks was and is a whole new experience for me and ia a big rollercoater.
      I recently entered the Allegro Status Singing C-series. The super nice thing about this series are”:
      When you play it wright with no tension en a good mindset, you see how difficult this can be.
      But that is nice, because i realise that i used to much tension.
      The item of endurance and playng gigs for 3 hours is still there, but i hope with a good routine en keeping to the basics will get me through!!

      THanks Greg for al your support!!!
      Sorry for my bad English…. 🙂
      Ron Houben

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Ron, thanks for the kind words. Yes, it is a very powerful series that exposes inefficiency if you are prepared to really stick to pure process.

      Your change in understanding and psychology will eventually allow the brain to let go!

      Best Wishes and keep working 🙂


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