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      Hi Greg,
      I’ve been doing WindWorks for several months now – now beginning Ruby. Just had an epiphany on Body Concert Hall. I emotionally felt that I had understood it, accepted it, and did the Check-Ins etc. But hadn’t really FELT the difference on the horn (and my body) until now, when I stumbled across something.
      I was warming up and had my PRACTICE MUTE in (so as not to disturb others in the house) and was doing octave slurs from Pedal C to low C (eighth notes). I could hear the practice mute sound quality change on certain slurs and not others. Some slurs sounded nasal and pinched, and others were open and full.
      I began to experiment with ways to alter the sound (dropping jow, opening/closing aperture, opening throat) and suddenly I could control the nasally sound, and could opening and closing the tone at will. When my throat was closed, I got the nasal sound, but when my throat was open, not only the sound became open, rich and full, but I could feel a vibration down my neck and into my sternum that I hadn’t noticed before. The horn was actually playing me now.

      Thanks Greg! That one breakthrough is worth the entire month’s subscription!

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Don, thanks for the post and thanks for using WindWorks.

      Yeah, as I said in the newly added video Diagnosis Disorder, finding issues is tough but being open to change allows us to have experiences like what you mentioned.

      I’m pleased you have discovered it is more that just a “nice idea” haha

      Take your time and enjoy your experimenting.

      Best Wishes,

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