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      Hi Greg,

      I cannot finish to thank you for the amazing method you did, I’m practice everyday trying to stick as much as I can to the process and step by step the things that you say make always more sense to me. I have a doubt related to the book that has been delivered to me as it is different in the content from the online version and there are some parts ( the one about the buzzing for example) that are confusing me a bit, some exercises in the book requiring to buzz some notes interval while in the online version and in the videos ( for now I’m still doing the largo stage) there is no mention of it. So I’m wondering if it is good to do it or not?

      Sorry for my english , I hope that what I wrote makes sense to you..


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      Greg Spence

      Hey Giuseppe, I do cover buzzing in a lot of detail in the course. Perhaps leave it until you see my approach.

      Book 1 was published in 2004 and those that know that book, then the books and now WindWorks will see the development and refinement of the approaches. It is a never ending quest to deliver more concise information.

      All the best and thanks,


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      fairy enough!! Still thanks to sharing your work !!!

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