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      Hey Greg,
      Lovin’ the course so far, and am feeling a difference in my playing in the short time I’ve been with you here. Less IS more!
      I’m now in the Moderato section, and wondering if there’s some kind of bookmark available here where I can mark where I currently am in the series. Otherwise, when I log in, I’m taken back to the very beginning and have to hunt through to find my place.

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Don, thanks, I’m pleased you are enjoying it.

      Simple press the expand menu button:

      Expand 1

      and then you will see all of your ticks and where you are up to:

      Expand 2

      Cheers, Greg

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      The green boxes work well for the first go ’round. I like to return to old sections such as some favorite videos in the Largo series which I am watching again now for the >10th time. Having a bookmark for old favorites or a bookmark for a subsequent round through the course would be a nice addition if it is an option.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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