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      Hi fellow WindWorks pals,

      I am new to the system and have just completed Largo stage. It’s a blessing for me to stumble upon such great system. Loving every moments of it and I think this is going to be (actually have already been) one hell of a breakthrough for me.

      Back to the subject, I am able to do the C#, D and C harmonic slurs without any kicking or tensing of abdominal muscle, except when it is needed to hold the entire exercise in forte and I need a bit of abdominal support that is constant throughout the exercise without kicking for G. HOWEVER, how do I know I am not clamping the lips together and instead worked by changing shape???

      I tried to used a mirror. Freeze myself after playing a C, remove the trumpet and look at the shape of my lips and likewise for a G. I can see there is more pucker for C and the lips are more widely apart, while for G, the lips are a bit more “smile” and closer together but they are still pretty relaxed. Am I clamping the lips together since they are closer together??

      Please help!


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      Greg Spence

      Hi Zenith, thanks for your input and sharing your experience, I am sure you are not the only one facing this dilemma.

      Firstly, don’t get too hung up on the mirror after playing, it might give you a false sense of what is going on.

      I need to emphasis this more and more. You are developing a new Psychology (understanding) and new sensations (feelings). We are using the voice to recognise little effort it can take to create a big sound.

      If your sound is pure and the feeling is one of freedom then you are on the right path.

      As you increase speed using the PPC’s, you will learn how to recognise any unwanted tension creeping in.

      Thansk for joining WindWorks, we are very happy to have you here.

      Best Wishes,

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