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      Ronald Carson

      Before playing, I almost always brush my teeth and sometimes floss before playing. I thought that ought to be good, so I did not think about cleaning.


      For about a week, I was in quandary and in a playing slump. I looked inside the mouthpiece and saw no visible problem.

      All it took was a mouthpiece brush to find out how wrong my visible inspection was.

      Playing is easy again.

      Check your mouthpiece and lead pipe with brushes often.

      How often do you clean your horn?

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      Greg Spence

      GREAT POST!!! Yep, clean your horn more than you think.

      Watch this awesome video and notice what Rafael says at 2:26

      I was a shocker in university for not cleaning the inside of the instrument and it does make playing difficult.


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      Wow, amazing video. I liked what he said about breath control as well–that mirrored what you say in WindWorks, that playing trumpet takes no more breath than what’s needed in conversation and his demonstrations were amazing.

      Yes, that was partially why the whole Singing C approach was developed! Killer video by a legend of our craft.

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