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      I have been practicing today, and I had a thought/request. I am still working on keeping everything open on inhalation and exhalation, and I am still trying to discover the aperture corners. I think the goal of pitch change is an open body (BCH) with changes at the aperture corners, tightening for ascending notes and loosening for descending notes. The aperture seems to be the main place where air flow meets tension/resistance to flow.

      I find there are multiple ways to tighten the corners:
      – vertical tightening of the corners, without or without jaw movement
      – pulling the corners backward into the teeth
      – puckering the lips forward
      – a combination of these items
      – there are likely other ways

      My question is whether a video demonstration of corner control would be helpful? Perhaps I have missed it or not yet reached a level in the course with this information. If it is not present, a demonstration on the visualizer of a slur from the lower register to the higher register would help me, so I can see the best method for corner tightening and see what happens to the aperture itself. If this is already posted somewhere, please direct me to the correct video.


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      Hi Eric. If you stay open in every situation the awareness of your corners/shape is the mainpart of your development. In my opinion it depends on your individual set-up. So experimentation with the leadpipe in the most efficient way should show you the correct movement. Resonant sound and a minimum amount of corner/shape movement (efficiency) are the goals. The feeling/awareness of your own unique shapemovement is much more useful than a video showing others doing their unique movement. Vertical tightening is no good idea!
      I would like to hear Greg about this topic as well.
      Hope it helps

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      Greg Spence

      Jo, you are psychic – 10/10 answer, thank you, I could not have put it better.

      Eric, stick with the sensations of freedom and recognise where you lock up and recognise where it is free, then take a snapshot of your SHAPE. Close your eyes, hum, replicate the feeling when playing. Yep, I’m a scratched record!!! 🙂

      I don’t know whether you have ever seen a video of the vocal cords working… not particularly attractive BUT you would never ask to watch a video to see what someones vocal cords are doing when changing pitch singing and try to replicate that so I suggest let’s steer clear of it here too.

      Cheers, Greg

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      Great advice. Thanks

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      Hello Eric,
      You’ve probably sorted your issue with aperture corners by now anyway, but I was stuck on exactly the same point. The thing that I found really helpful was Greg’s video on “Aperture corner development”, quite early on in the Andante stage (about the third lesson). If you haven’t seen it, it may be worth a look. And if you have seen it, it may be worth a closer look 😉

      Good luck!


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