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      Hi Greg,
      I’d like to clarify how I should be approaching the ‘double tongue/slur’ and ‘double slur/tongue’ variations in the “Suggested Chromatic Variations” in the Moderato A flat (and I guess subsequent) lessons.
      Does ‘double tongue’ in this context mean I should be applying a T K pattern of tonguing to these exercises? I ask this question because:
      a) Your video example moves so fast it’s hard for me to hear what’s going on, and
      b) At face value, it seems to me that vanilla single tonguing ought to be OK for this exercise (but maybe that’s just because I’m doing it relatively slowly, at around metronome 152)
      As a side note, I certainly find your expectation that I should be able to play all these scales in one breath pretty daunting (although you can clearly do it!). Is this truly something you expect a “Moderato” level player to be able to do before advancing to the next stage?
      Am enjoying your course.
      For what it’s worth, I’ve created my own “progress chart” for these scales, as a way of keeping myself motivated and showing myself that I am, in fact, making some progress.
      Peter Dann

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      I had the same confusion initially. There are only two bars that are double-tongued. All else is single-tongued or slurred. See this discussion:

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      Thanks James! Kind of you to reply.

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Peter, I totally see where the confusion comes from it’s slur/tonuged playing each note twice rather than double tongued. I know what I mean, I just don’t mean what I say, I’ll revisit it, thanks for pointing it out.

      It is not tk double tongued.

      As for speed, it’s cool you have set up your own ppc to keep track. I like to make things challenging 🙂


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      Rob Bennsky

      Speaking of double tonguing, it just show up in some of the exercises and is vaguely touched upon . For those who don’t know how to do them, or those that struggle playing them like me, it would be nice if there was a section dedicated to double tonguing in the WindWorks series.

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      Ronald Carson

      I am sure Greg discusses double tonguing somewhere. Since I do not have full access, I can’t search it out for you. One day I will get back to it after taxes in the spring.

      Here is an older Mystery to Mastery video:

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      Greg Spence

      Also watch these…

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      Rob Bennsky


      I really struggle with double tonguing. Your really not saying the words TU KU into the trumpet when your double tonguing, your just simulating the action of the tongue when actually speaking TU KU and I can’t seem to get the back of the tongue to raise/lower when playing the KU. Having said this, isn’t the KU really just a breath attack? I had a teacher tell me that the KU is a hard breath attack. Is this correct?

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