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      Hey guys,

      Finished is never going to happen, always trying to get better at playing, but…..

      For the past three years, I have been playing and teaching out of the MM book 1 and 2 and love the evolution into WindWorks. But my biggest question is: What is the best way to play the book/method as you accomplished the sections? It can be over kill if I run through everything both WindWorks and either MM1 or MM2. (Also, I would have to adapt to my playing schedule so I don’t kill myself when playing a weeks on end show)

      To keeps this on topic, lets stay with WindWorks:

      I feel like a good sequence as I progress through the sections:

      Play Largo/Adagio then go to Moderato

      The reason of skipping Andante, once you played it enough and get the concept, Moderato will cover the same ideas with expanded material. Also, it is similar to MM2 Section 1 stages 1-2. But with the singing C. What do you guys think?

      Also, I am excited to see what Greg has put together for the E harmonic, G, possible B-flat, high C, and beyond.

      Finally, my playing is already substantially better after just a week.

      Thank you Greg!

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Kevin, I love your opening line, never going to be finished 🙂 You are spot on there.

      Overkill is right. It is a matter of finding what you can and can’t do. Do the early stages as a warm up and quickly get through to your trouble areas. Chipping away at what you can’t yet do with focus on efficiency.

      I am sitting here rendering the E Singing C exercises video, you will love what we have coming up. I am impatient to release is, hopefully no more than two weeks so keep working on the 1% rule.

      All the best and thanks,

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