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      Greg Spence

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      Ronald Carson

      This is not much different than your introduction in the Largo harmonic slurs. I have a suggestion. The online practice charts go up to 132. After watching the video above, I went back and watched the Largo and saw, what I think, are good instructions.

      When I first did this slurs, I stopped at 132 thinking I was done. The instructions said: “Find your limitations or boundaries.” Then I thought, I bet the downloadable PPC’s have more metronome markings, and I was right, but did not even consider this the first time I went through the course.

      So I suggest making it clear on the digital practice charts to continue to higher tempos by downloading the PPC’s or expand the digital ones.

      As I progress to my limits, I discovered the sensation of passive breath and knew I was definitely on target. You cannot do these fast if the breath is not passive. I have seen several online teachers (Paul Mayes and Bryan Davis) describing the passive breath as “sighing” and this really resonated with me in recognizing the sensation that you taught.

      Thanks again for making trumpet playing fun by guiding me to eliminate the painful, frustrating inefficiencies.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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