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      When I started WW and watched Greg’s video talking about the Ku attack instead of the Tu attack, I tried it. No way!..I thought.
      As I’ve worked to build my slur capabilities and the aah..ooh lip position and arching the tongue as I got higher in the range, it hit me like a ton of bricks! With the tongue arched to focus air flow and attain higher notes (by changing shape), the middle of the tongue is very close to the roof of the mouth, thereby making the Ku attack very easy. In fact, to make a Tu attack, I feel the middle of the tongue dropping away from the roof of the mouth. So I’ve successfully converted over to the Ku attack and with Greg’s method, it feels very natural.
      Here’s the $64G question: is this correct? Or am I not positioning the tongue correctly? I hope I am!!

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Peter, thanks for your post!

      I am pleased you are getting the “Ku” attack happening. As I made reference to in a video, it is as much a general technical/efficiency development skill as a useful articualtion option.

      You are talking a lot about personal sensations i.e. middle of the tongue and close to the roof of the mouth, that may or may not be exactly what’s going on so my questions to you are:

      1. How does it feel?

      and more improtantly

      2. How does it sound?

      If it is working for you and it sounds good and feels free, then go nuts. Just to be clear, this is just one of the 5 articulations and also airspeed thanks to tongue position isn’t the main factor in pitch change (I think we are cool with that as you put SHAPE in brackets!!!)


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