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      Hi Today I played the Last Post for the first time in Public.

      Has anybody got any examples to share of using the MTM method in Public?

      I employed the MTM method. As the appointed moment was approaching I did the breathing, the focus, this being England it was raining of course! and released the first note -it was there and so were the rest.

      I got through it without clamping, without forcing. I did have a few words of inspiration written out on the Music page – Breathe, Focus and Many Lemon just as a reminder.

      MTM works in Public!

      I certainly found the method was effective in the planning and the preparation prior to the actual event. So when you get to the event there is a form of procedure you can mentally apply before the delivery is required.



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      Greg Spence

      Hey Mike, congratulations on your successful performance and funny you should post that because the main topic of discussion in our Q+A session is how to deal with combining the MTM/WW approach on gigs whilst performing as a professional. Be sure to join the discussion if you haven’t joined up yet:

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