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    Hi All I am a complete beginner to the trumpet so I am hoping In have signed up to the right place. I think I shall need all your help and support LOL.
    Really excited about getting started.
    Regards Steve

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    Greg Spence

    Hey Steve, thanks for posting and a warm welcome to WindWorks.

    As many here will agree, take your time at the start and carefully work through the videos and drills, writing your thoughts in the progress boxes then repeat, repeat and the repeat some more the exercise.

    Efficiency is the real key to successful and consistent development.

    Stay in touch and enjoy the journey, it can be a roller coaster ride at times but the tough days are where you learn the most 🙂

    Best Wishes,
    Greg Spence

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    Thanks Greg

    I have followed your advise and I must admit its working. I can actually get the low c out at a reasonable tone with no effort/little effort! I’m now at the Largo status , beginning to play , so here goes LOL.


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    Greg Spence

    Hey Steve, it is really important that I add that listening to great players in REAL LIFE to appreciate the acoustic sound of the instrument is HIGHLY advisable.

    Ultimately, I want all of the skills developed here to be triggered subconsciously based on the sound model in your head. We don’t want to be “thinking” technically when playing. The sound we wish to make is our primary focus and triggers only the required muscles.

    Whilst working through the course, recognise that the mind does focus on the feeling and that is fine, I use “sensation” as a means to develop efficiency, however, not all days are going to “feel” good so we are learning to create the sound in our head.

    When doing the PROCESS exercises, we switch OFF the sound element and focus on pure efficient technique, but when playing RESULTS driven exercises and music, think musically 🙂


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