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      Hello Greg,
      I hope you are well and the weather is fine. In Sedan it’s raining ☔️ 😞.
      Just before I go to work I have a question that I’ve already ask you yesterday but I think you did not see it.
      What is the highest note you can play by just releasing the air, no kicking?

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      Greg Spence

      Depending on the day but anywhere up to an A above double high C. It’s a short squeak note and probably mp at best but you can hear the centre. I must reinforce that the body is for long tones and loud notes, the mouth/SHAPE creates the pitch. Cheers Greg

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      😮 it is incredible! So there’s a lot of elastic energy in a breath! Thanks very much, it is an additional element which reinforces my belief that i am on the right path. Because you know that many teachers say to use air to change pitch but I never understood that! I thought, but I did not understand physically how it could work! Now, with your help, I understand. It is finally logical! Thanks very much to share all those good things.
      Cheers, Francis.

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