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      Dear all,

      Just started the largo part.
      After more than 40 years amateur playing in pop bands, big bands etc.I am since a few months attacked by reumatism.
      Very Very Bad…
      On the other hand …… not able to plan rehearsels/gigs the comming months a good thing to start learning myself to play as effortless as possible.
      (currently on a plastic trumpet πŸŽΊπŸ˜™ regarding the weight)

      Just wondering, when Greg talks about pre-setting volume does he mean:
      1 increase the the size of the aperture ?
      2 the amount of air taken in to have more pressure with the sling shot?
      3 a little abdominal tension pre set upon the sling shot?

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      Greg Spence

      Hi @bennie1, when I mention preset volume, I mean the amount of compression behind the tongue for an instant release.

      The tongue is stopping the air from coming out (see pu-lip-ku-kmt-tu and aRRRRticulation), the SHAPE is already set and the volume is determined by the abdominal support used.

      That being said, if you were to SING a full, rich, resonant note, you will realise there is less abdominal activation required than you imagine and that goes for playing the trumpet too.

      If the lips are responsive and dont grip thus impeding the air, you can play a loud upper register note with less work than you think.

      Cheers, Greg

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