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      Andrew Chambers

      Hi Greg,
      I am finding it very interesting listening to Glenn McGrath (my fast bowling hero) talking about his bowling on the cricket commentary. He just said his best days were when he could just focus on where he wanted the ball to go. On the days when he was thinking about the physical process of bowling he didn’t do so well. He obviously spent many hours focusing on the process with his coaches in practice sessions but in the heat of battle he performed his best when he was not thinking about the process but rather the results. I think this corresponds exactly to performing at the top level on a brass instrument. I would love to hear what you (and everyone else) thinks about this…to our American and European friends a bowler in cricket is the equivalent of the pitcher in baseball.

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      Greg Spence

      Hello Mr Chambers, your observation is totally correct – it is the same psychology.

      Roger Federer put it perfectly, “trust your practice!” Meaning focus on process in the practice room then simply create the result based on the skills developed.

      I talk a lot about this in the up coming Ultimate Level videos and that psychology plays a major part when tackling the new level.

      Thanks for adding.

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