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      I think I’m doing alright with the Allegro stage, although still a little shaky. But I’ve heard about the illusion of competence, so I’d like some feedback, if you can spare the time πŸ˜‰

      Warm up with bends

      Something that worries me, and has worried me in the past, is that when I play a tone on the trumpet, then remove the mouthpiece from the receiver, I do _not_ get only air. Instead, I get an airy tone about a 3rd to an augmented 4th higher. Respectable people in the Bill Adam gang told me not to worry about it, but what do you think?

      Bends, then 5 types of articulations, and long tones. To F, to E, to Eb

      These also show the mouthpiece removal jumps.

      Allegro upper register development

      Buzzing the visualizer. I sometimes get a sounds when I remove the visualizer, but it’s often another part of the lip that gets vibrating, once I remove support from the visualizer.

      Singing C series
      C#, doing ok I think:

      E, a little more shaky. This one has the exercises too, so it’s quite long

      Ascending single harmonic

      Ascending double harmonic

      I think it’s quite difficult to know when to move on. I’ve only moved to Allegro quite recently, so I’ll stay there for at least one more week. When is it more beneficial to hop onto the next step, than making the current one better?

      Contructive criticism welcome!

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      Adrian Hicks


      Sounds awesome overall.

      I don’t get a buzz when removing the mouthpiece at all on standard 2nd line G for example, but do get a buzz when removing during a lip bend (say down a tone or more). I don’t know if that means anything. Lip bends really sure up my aperture corners and I love em.

      Single and double harmonics sound good. Fast a clean. As long as you are not pushing from the abdomen you are winning on those ones. I would move on if I was you. The upcoming Octave harmonics are challenging around high A, where you start to need to ‘support’ from the abdomen. Getting this balance right is always something I work on daily.

      That’s all I got. Well done!

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      Greg Spence

      Hey there Gauthier! There is some fantastic progress happening.

      The flexibility, PASSIVE REDUCTION, and approach to the Singing C are all developing well. Just be sure to get the magnifying glass out to be sure you are remaining PASSIVE when necessary.

      I have a small concern about the mouthpiece buzz, it is, in your case creating a bit of lip interference which is affecting the sound.

      I would recommend you keep working on getting the “Chin Down Corners In” aim for no buzz on the low C, and discover your sympathetic oscillation, it’s not quite there yet so I am losing a degree of the Body’s Concert Hall resonance.

      Thank you for taking the time to record and share, it’s a fantastic effort.

      Please book a 10-minute chat so we can have a look at what you are doing.

      Best Wishes and keep up the great work.


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      Thanks a lot for the replies!

      I don’t get a buzz when removing the mouthpiece at all on standard 2nd line G for example, but do get a buzz when removing during a lip bend

      Yeah, that’s the way Greg shows it, so congrats πŸ™‚

      Greg, I’m not sure what you mean with “Chin Down Corners in”, maybe I just haven’t reach that level in the course yet? I notice the mouthpiece buzz on removing the mouthpiece on a low C too, you guessed that right… I’ll look into booking that 10 min session!

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